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Marvell Builds Tiny PC In a Plug, Only $99

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Marvell - not Marvel Superheroes - is a California-based company. I've never heard of them until now because they have just made the Sheevaplug. It may look like an ordinary outlet plug to you, but Marvell has actually put in a tiny PC inside of this small little thing. The Sheevaplug has: a 1.2GHz CPU, 512MB of flash memory, 512MB of RAM, a gigabit Ethernet port, USB / miniUSB ports, and an SD card slot. "It lacks any kind of video output, so you'll need some sort of USB video adapter, but its specs should be sufficient to run a cut-down Linux distro and work as a web server." This PC only sucks up 5W of power, so that's always good.

It only costs $99 USD for a developer kit, which includes this plug and some software tools. They are working on a new model, so you could just wait for that if you like - it'll have pre-installed software.

[Pocket Lint]


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