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Apple and Nokia Releasing Devices With Micro-Projectors By the End of the Year?

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2 days ago, I reported that the Samsung MBP200 is now available in Germany. Well, that relates to today's news because I am going to talk about 2 more companies who are rumoured to be launching their own devices with micro-projectors.

According to Foxlink, Apple, Nokia, and Samsung are reportedly going to release handsets with micro-projectors by the end of the year. Samsung has already released their own model, the MBP200, so they're off the list - unless they make another one. For Apple and Nokia, Foxlink may be the supplier for their projectors, so don't be surprised if Nokia announces some handset with a projector at this year's Nokia World. Apple - on the other hand - I have no clue when they would announce something like this, since they just launched the iPhone 3GS. Maybe we'll see it on an iPod?



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