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HTC Touch Pro 2 Hitting Sprint on September 3? HTC XV6975 Touch Diamond 2 and HTC XV6875 Touch Pro 2 Hitting Verizon Soon

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It looks something's up over at Verizon. According to the latest news, the HTC Touch Diamond 2 aka HTC XV6975 and the HTC Touch Pro 2 aka HTC XV6875 was just spotted in Verizon's inventory system, which means that it could get launched soon. However, we still don't have confirmation that the XV6975 is the Touch Diamond 2, but it's a pretty good guess. However, it looks like another carrier will be handling the Touch Pro 2. Sprint's scheduled to launch this phone on September 3. Let's hope that Verizon gets it first - well, if you want.

Update on August 1st: The first time around I actually misread the original article, so what I posted on here was incorrect. I only found this out because of an anonymous comment. It's an embarassing mistake on my part.


Anonymous said...
July 31, 2009 at 4:01 PM  

Do you have more information, or did you just misread the post on PhoneArena or WMPowerUser? Both of those say Sprint will drop September 3rd, but no date was given for the Verizon Touch Pro2.

Just curious, because if you have more info for Verizon's date, that's awesome.

Unknown said...
August 1, 2009 at 12:49 AM  

Oh yeah, you're right. I did misread the post! Thanks for telling me! Sorry about that, I'll update it and I'll try to get you news about the Verizon Touch Pro 2 ASAP.

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