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Acer and Asus Freezing New Netbook Launches Until Pine Tail-M Platform Launches, Focusing on ULV-Based Notebooks

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According to DigiTimes, we can blame this all on Intel. Remember that long awaited netbook from Acer that's supposed to dual-boot Windows XP and Android? Well, it looks like it's going to be delayed since Intel has postponed their new Pine Tail-M platform until Q1 2010. It was rumoured to be hitting us in August, but because Intel's delaying their Atom N450 CPUs, both Acer and Asus are freezing the launch of new netbooks. Meanwhile, Asus' Android-based netbook isn't expected to hit shelves until as early as October and their T101H tablet netbook is going to launch after Microsoft launches Windows 7, which is scheduled to hit the market in late October.

As of right now, both companies look like they will be focusing on Intel ULV-based netbooks. They're also going to be working on selling their own set of nettops by cutting the prices down in the next few months.

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