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T-Mobile G1 v2 Bigfoot Made By Samsung Not Motorola Or HTC

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Remember the T-Mobile G1 v2 aka Bigfoot aka Morrison that was on the leaked T-Mobile roadmap? Well, this morning, rumours were out that it was going to be made by Motorola and will be, in fact, their first Android handset. Well, now it looks like the T-Mobile G1 v2 may actually be made by Samsung. Motorola is still working on that Calgary and Samsung's still working on that I7500 (video here), but this picture does look a lot more like the phone that it is seen in T-Mobile's roadmap. So, it looks like Samsung has 2 Android handsets for this year and Motorola, so far, still has their 1 handset. As you can see below, this chart outlines three Samsung handsets running Android: the I7500, Bigfoot, and a new handset codenamed Spica. The Bigfoot and Spica have similar specs and are expected to ship in Q3 of this year. Apparently, they will also be pre-loaded with the "Donut" version of Android, which is supposedly version 2.0. Gotta love rumours.



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