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Samsung HMX-H106 Camcorder With 64GB SSD and Full HD For $900 On May 22

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It's a damn action-packed camcorder. The Samsung HMX-H106 is actually already shipping in Korea starting today. Amazon has the camcorder up for pre-orders now, so check it out if you like. The HMX-H106 is a pretty damn awesome camcorder, it has: a 64GB SSD, Full 1080p HD video recording capabilities, an SDHC slot, 10x optical zoom, a Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan lens, and a 4.7MP still-shooting camera with a flash. It's a nice looking camcorder, but it'll set you back $900 USD. Here's the Amazon pre-order link again, if you're still interested.



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