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More Palm Pre Details Semi-Revealed

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Yes, these are only semi-revealed details because they haven't been confirmed yet. The Office 2007 support and the whole PictBridge thing is true though - at the very least. At launch, the Palm Pre will actually not be supporting video recording capabilities so that is fairly disappointing. Hopefully, it will be a software update shortly after launch because that's a pretty neat feature to have - and should be implemented at launch, in my opinion. Some unconfirmed Palm Pre details are listed below, special thanks to Gizmodo:

•No video recording at launch, though they seem to think such a thing will be added via update. (We knew this already)
•MMS support is confirmed
•They imply that 
Office 2007 documents work fine on Pre, though they don't specify if it's read-only
•Custom ringtones are a go, as are ringback tones
•When in USB mode, all calls will be automatically routed to voicemail.
•IM Services: Google Talk and AIM at launch.
•The color for calendar events can be chosen manually on the Pre, or sync'ed with the colors you've got set up in Exchange
•Cookies can be disabled in the browser
•No pictbridge profile yet, so no wireless photo printing.

[Gizmodo, Slash Gear]


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