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Sony Ericsson Faces €358 Million Q1 Loss; No Android Phone For A While

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It's no surprise that Sony Ericsson is failing. They are now posting their 3rd quarterly loss in a row with a €358 million loss in Q1 2009 alone, which is quite a bit of money. It's no surprise that they now have to cut 2,000 jobs in order to soften this burden. They're really slipping as a company and their last hope is the Idou, which I hope isn't overpriced like the XPERIA X1 (unlocked) is. I'm still not interested in it though because there's no slide-out QWERTY keyboard. I love me some QWERTY.

A couple of weeks ago, we heard about Orange expecting to release 5 Android handsets by the end of this year. Well, it looks like we could possibly cut out one from the list. Following their huge loss, it looks like Sony Ericsson will be cutting out their Android phone for the year. Sad, sad news - for Android not Sony Ericsson. Too bad Sony Ericsson really doesn't have any time to slack off. I don't really care if Sony Ericsson were to just get wiped off the face of the planet right now, sorry.

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