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Google Android In Tablets; T-Mobile G2 To Have 5MP Camera

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It's no surprise that Google's Android OS will be hitting tablet PCs and possibly even netbooks in the near future. This is the Google OS that I have long been waiting for. Now I'm just waiting for it to become mainstream. Apparently, the Android OS can on a measly little 200MHz ARM processor, which is sweet. Look out for Android-based tablets (and home phones?) in early 2010. On to the T-Mobile G2. Yes, it has been confirmed that the HTC Magic will be named the T-Mobile G2 when it hits the US of A. It will be hitting the US "soon," meaning by the end of this month. This means that the US could see the Magic aka G2 before Vodafone starts to release it. That's always good news. According to Electronista, the T-Mobile G2 will have 3G, GPS, WiFi and... wait for it... an upgraded 5MP camera. That beats out the T-Mobile G1's 3.2MP camera, but it looks like it will still be flashless. The G2 will also [still] sport the infamous "chin."



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