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Translating Gmail; Google China Music Search

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On Monday April 7, Google will be announcing something new as a "next step in Gmail's evolution." Apparently, it may not be all that exciting. Google Operating System is going out on a limb and taking a guess that it will be a new Gmail Labs feature that includes translating your Gmail e-mail messages. Too bad I don't need this for my e-mails. Useless.

Google China Music Search was launched last year by google, but just in China. Well, in case you were interested, it is now "publicly accessible worldwide and it has a new homepage." You can now download music off of the site if you live in China or use a proxy (pointed out by Google Operating System). Basically, you can't download music off of the site unless you live in China, so I'm wondering why they decided to release this worldwide... It doesn't make sense to me. Maybe they'll be updating it in a couple of days, so that anyone can download free music off of the site. But wait, wouldn't that be illegal. I'm clueless here.

[Google Operating System (Translate), Google Operating System (Music Search)]


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