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Toshiba TG01 Hands-On, LG KT770, Acer Working On Two Android Phones, LG GC900, OmniaHD Touchscreen Blunders [Video]

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The folks at Engadget tried the Toshiba TG01 for themselves at MWC and have said a couple of things about the 4.1-inch touchscreen phone. The home screen is a customized WinMo home screen because WinMo's needed an obvious facelift. The thinness of this device made the iPhone look chubby at times and they also mentioned that gaming was fast because of the 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Engadget also mentions that we'll probably see changes from now until the summer release of the phone and they said that they should implement more 3G bands, other than the 2100MHz that is already included. I think this device looks sexy and if you want to see a video then go to this link and scroll down, via Engadget.

LG recently agreed to make 50 Windows Mobile phones, but this is one of their phones that won't be running Windows Mobile. Meet the LG KT770. It will run on Symbian S60 and will have a 5MP camera and a GPS. If you want to see the video here (scroll down too, via Engadget), you will see that the UI is quite responsive, but fails at times. LG will probably fix up its blunders before the actual release, so you shouldn't worry much.

More from Acer. The brand that gave you 4 disappointing WinMo 6.1 phones; they will also be releasing 4 more smartphones by the end of the year. They'll even throw in two more smartphones that will run WinMo Android. This picture shows us their so-called 'roadmap' for the rest of the year.

Look out for the LG GC900. It looks like a full touchscreen with an 8MP camera. That is all the information leaked about this phone and GSM Arena couldn't get a picture. LG is keeping their lips sealed about this phone.

The Samsung OmniaHD is Samsung's new touchscreen and the successor to, obviously, the Samsung Omnia. Well, the Omnia had some touchscreen issues and it looks like Samsung never really decided to fix the issue. If you watch the video below, you will see just how bad the touchscreen is again. It looks like a disappointment because the phone actually looks amazing. In addition, it can shoot 720p video. That's HD for ya. Anyways, i might as well post the video on here, since this is absolutely horrible. Why, Samsung, why? Here's the video, via Gizmodo.

How Not To Do Touch Technology from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

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