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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Did Apple Ask Google Not To Use Multi-Touch?, Sony Ericsson W395 and C903 Cybershot, Acer Apire One, Dell Latitude XT2

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The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic looks like it will be making its way to North America soon. This is the first phone that uses Nokia's S60 5th Edition. It was released in pretty much everywhere except for North America. Looks like Nokia is deciding to finally release this phone in North America for $399 USD around a scheduled February 26 date. Nokia fans, rejoice!

Someone from the Android team has revealed a secret about their touchscreen capabilities. Apparently, Apple asked Google not to use multi-touch on their T-Mobile G1 phone. It looks like Google didn't want their bond with Apple to break-up, so they agreed. I think that they [Apple] might have even asked Palm not to use multi-touch, but they [Palm] disagreed. Could this be the real reason why Apple may sue Palm for their multi-touch?

Sony Ericsson continues it's boring Walkman-branded phones. They will be releasing the (silver) W395 Walkman in Q1 of this year. The W395 will not have 3G and will have a 1GB memory card, along with a 2MP camera. Amazing. This is why Sony Ericsson is in 5th place in the mobile world. They will also be releasing the (red) C903 Cybershot afterwards. The C903 will have a much more impressive 5MP camera with face detection and all that mumbo-jumbo. The C903 will also have 3G capabilities when it releases in Q2. These phones will only sell in Canada because they all come with cheap deals, thanks to Rogers. During class, i was touching my N81's phone's screen and someone thought my phone was touchscreen. I laughed on the inside because my N81 doesn't have touchscreen capabilities. It's easy to fool little kids.

The Acer Aspire One sporting the new Atom N280 chip is now official in the United States. If you do decide to get these 10-inches of beauty, Engadget wants to remind you to "just make sure you score the good battery." I can briefly go through some of the specs for you, just in case you are too lazy to go elsewhere. It will have a 1.6GHz Intel Atom (N280) CPU, 1GB of RAM (Good enough for Windows 7), optional 3G and 3 USB ports. I guess this can be categorized as a 'netbook'.

The 12.1-inch Dell Latitude XT2 tablet notebook with multi-touch capabilities was released earlier today. It's about 3.8 pounds and has a 6-cell 11-hour battery. Keep in mind that this is 11-hours under the best conditions possible so, in reality, it's about 9.5 hours. It's got DDR3 memory on-board, so you can upgrade it to 5GB whenever you feel like. You will also be able to choose between a 1.2 or 1.4GHz Core 2 Duo CPU and an 80/120GB HDD or even a 64GB SSD. The starting price is at $2,399 USD though, so it's quite expensive.

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