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Dell XT2, Gmail Usage Increasing, Microsoft MyPhone [Skybox], Windows XP's Time Is Almost Up, New Guitar Hero 3 Record, T-Mobile G1 Hack For Multi-Touch

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A new Dell tablet looks like it will be on-the-way in the near future. The Dell XT2 is rumoured to be launching this Wednesday, Ferbruary 11. It has decent specs, such as: "a 12.1-inch multitouch display, up to 5GB of DDR3 memory", your choice of 80GB or 64GB of SSD. You also get the choice of having a 1.2GHz or a 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo packed inside this baby. It weighs about 3.62 pounds, just in case you wanted to know.

Google is going to take over the world Internet soon, but first, it's going to dominate e-mail services. If Gmail's growth continues, we may see it pass Hotmail by the end of this year. As Gmail's usage continues to increase day-by-day, Hotmail's usage is going in the opposite direction. Gmail grew 43% from December 2007 to December 2008, while Hotmail went down 5% during the same time period. Hah. Take that Hotmail users. Gmail catching up to Yahoo is a different story. Gmail will have to continue this pace to catch up to Yahoo's usage by 2011. I don't even know anyone who uses Yahoo anymore and i find it incredible that Yahoo is so far ahead of all of its competitors. It's okay, Gmail will pull through.

Microsoft Skybox? It looks the name has been changed to Microsoft MyPhone. Maybe the Windows Mobile name change to Windows Phone is true, after all. Windows Phone + Microsoft MyPhone, get it? The Windows Mobile name change has yet to be confirmed. Anyways, rumour has it that at MWC Microsoft will be releasing "invite-only" betas for MyPhone. MyPhone will have the same features (and possibly even new additions) as the Skybox, since they are the same service.

Windows has had many successful operating systems over the years, Vista is going to be excluded from the list. Windows XP was Microsoft's most successful OS ever and why they decided to move on to a horrible OS, such as Vista, is beyond me. "In 10 weeks, Microsoft Corp. will begin to retire Windows XP by shifting the seven-year-old OS into a more limited support plan." This isn't going to stop me from using XP after the Windows 7 Beta shuts down. Microsoft has been wanting their users to switch OS's, but i am actually going to thank Microsoft because they've delayed this "limited support plan" for a while now. Windows XP might be the best OS currently, but Windows 7 looks like it will be better than XP, the same way Vista should have been. Windows 7's benchmark tests are surpassing Vista's and are around the same as XP's. Microsoft should be closing the XP and 7 gap, in terms of speed, soon. But, with the evolving technology coming out for computers / laptops, i'm sure the hardware should be able to run Windows 7 faster than XP. I am actually going to thank Microsoft for making XP such a good OS. Kudos.

Through the Fire and Flames. The hardest song in Guitar Hero 3. A 14 year old named Danny Johnson has broken the old record by almost 100,000 points at a Best Buy store with the "Guinness officiaries in attendance." The record was last held by Chris Chike, who was 17 years old. The previous record was 899,703 and the new record is now 973,954. Apparently, as Danny was attempting to break the world record, he went through / broke / demolished about 80 guitars. Does this 14 year old need to go through some anger management? To be honest, i'd do the same thing if my parents afforded to buy me 80 guitars. I'm really waiting for the day where someone shatters this record with a 100%, will it happen?

If you have a T-Mobile G1 and are interested in the Android hack to enable multitouch capabilities. Just go to this link, via Gizmodo.

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