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Mass, Blackberry, Christmas and Black Ice

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Since my last blog, i had to do something until church mass started. So, i shoveled the driveway and since my girlfriend had to clean her house for her Christmas party tomorrow, i went to take a nap. I took a nap until about 5:50 p.m. with minimal interruptions, which was fascinating. But, on the other hand, i really missed my girlfriend (i talk about her a lot don't i? =D). Anyways, i woke up and had to get ready since i had to go to mass soon. We left around 6:20 p.m. filipino time, so in real time it was about 6:40 p.m. (filipino time refers to being later than average). We left a bit late because me and my mom just had to take pictures before we left, it was just that important. Anyways, we got to mass which was at the school in Brampton, St. Edmund Campion. I saw the rest of my family there, but i decided not to say anything because i was too lazy to walk all the way to where they were seated. So, i went through the whole mass until it was right before Communion and this is when my cousin, Aldric, usually goes to the bathroom. Sure enough, he had to go and he and his dad spotted us, since they walked right by us. So, since they saw us, we had to move to where they were. I didn't mind. Anyways, we got there and after Communion i saw the hottest girl, besides my girlfriend, that is. She was really pretty, but then i saw her boyfriend and it ruined all of that fun. Oh man, i forgot one thing! Okay, we have to backtrack to the Homily, which is the part where the priest talks about anything random in the middle of the mass. So, there was this black family and there were 5 of them: mother, father and their 3 sons. The middle-aged son was wearing red, matching his mother. The oldest son was wearing white, matching his father. But, the youngest son was wearing bright green, he was the entertainer of the night, for me at least. He would stand up, jump around, flail his arms and he actually made me laugh. Me and my mom were sitting in the back and there just happened to be a pole in the middle of the hallway. Of course, this kid was wild enough that he actually started to run backwards, little did he know, he was about to hit a pole. Well, about 2 seconds later, he hits the pole. Fortunately though, he went back-first and not head-first into it. Anyways, back to that girl i saw. The mass finished and i pointed the girl out to my cousin, Cathleen, and i asked her how in the world she was with that guy. She was also curious as to why she chose him and she said, "What if that's her brother?" I didn't really have time to think about that. Well, anyways, that would be the last time i see her. After mass, we drove to Cathleen's place and that's where we hit the half-time marker of this post.

This picture may still be too small for you to see, so if you want a bigger picture just go to the link below. Some new Blackberry rumours have surfaced. This chart shows Blackberry's 2009 "Roadmap." It reveals many things about possible future Blackberry devices: model names, codenames, carriers, descriptions, price ranges and pictures. Although, if you take a close look at the chart, there are no pictures for any of these possible future phones because in it's place, we see 'N/A.' Some highlights to this chart are: a new Bold, a new Curve, a new Pearl, a new 3G Curve, a new touchscreen Bold, a new Storm slider and [more] other new Pearls. Looks like it will be a big year for Blackberry next year, which is of course, competing with the iPhone and maybe even the upcoming iPhone Nano? But, keep in mind, these are all just rumours. What surprises me here is that the Bold is listed as the new touchscreen phone and that the Storm will make it's way to the slider category. To my knowledge, i think it will be Blackberry's first slider phone. But yes, the new Blackberry Bold touchscreen will probably have to step up it's game, seeing how the Storm unimpressed many. It will be interesting to see what happens in the near future, we will [hopefully] soon find out.

After mass, me and my mom made our way over to my cousin's house. As soon as we got in the house, everyone ate right away. After we finished eating, we watched 'The Dark Knight' on Blu-Ray in 1080p on Aldric's PS3. Earlier, i asked Aldric if he downloaded Playstation Home, which came out like 2 weeks ago. He said, "No." and asked what 'Home' was. After telling him that it was like The Sims and that it was free, he got really excited and wanted it. Anyways, so we watched 'The Dark Knight' and when the movie finished it was already 11:50 p.m. My oh my, where did the time go? Afterwards, we opened presents. Unfortunately, no PS3 for me. I got an Old Navy sweater, a teddy bear stuffed with $75 CAD and another $50 CAD. Not that much, but i don't expect much really. After all the presents were opened and all the pictures were taken, we had to go home. This is originally why i wanted to blog in the first place. 2 words: Black Ice. Black Ice is really scary stuff, especially when my mother is behind the wheel because i just hate the way she drives. So, we were driving home and first experienced black ice when she had to stop at a red stoplight and she skidded to the right lane. Amazing luck though because [1], there were no cars in the right lane and [2], the Yellow Neon in our left lane would've hit us because they also skidded to the right. Moving along, we see the aftermath of a car going over the island because it was probably trying to make a left turn to fast. Moving even more along, an '06 Honda Accord with an American license plate cruises by doing about 65 km/h. Everyone at this time was doing about 40 km/h, so he probably thought he was a big-shot. Unfortunately, it might have been his first time driving in Canada because he had to learn the hard way. He tried to stop at the next red stoplight and waddaya know, he skids through the red light cause he couldn't stop. Fortunately, no cars were coming in either direction. Me and my mom pass by him later and at this point he was doing about 25 km/h [LOL]. I'm not finished yet. 3 more stoplights later, we see the aftermath of a bus (yes, a bus) with the front end over the sidewalk because the driver was also probably trying to make a left turn too fast. Damn it, this is where i was just getting scared. I don't trust my mom driving on normal grounds, imagine what i was feeling when i saw this happening to other cars. So, up comes the part where she [my mom] has to make a right turn and we see the jeep in front of us do a 180 because he tried to use his brakes and they [Epic] failed him. Anyways, my mom made the right turn successfully and i called my girlfriend and told her all of the events that i just saw. Me my mom got home safely, but i actually almost slipped on the driveway. And that concludes my blog post for today. By the way, i still have to receive my present from my mom, so my PS3 dreams are not exactly finished yet, but i'm not expecting it anymore anyway. Well, i think 'The Dark Knight' made my Christmas Eve a bit better, since we were lacking on the family aspect of Christmas, but what can you do? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve and i can't wait until tomorrow.

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope that tomorrow will be a more exciting day. I'll hopefully be spending my night at the Natividad's [girlfriend's] place. =D

Dark Knight picture (Joker): http://353review.com/2008/07/20/the-dark-knight-2008/
Blackberry Rumour: http://gizmodo.com/5117980/leaked-2009-blackberry-roadmap-hints-at-touchscreen-bold-storm-slider
Snowy picture: http://mormoninmanhattan.blogspot.com/2008/12/black-ice-blindness-and-tasia.html


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