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Journey, Google Earth, Good Ol' Christmas

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So, today, i played a bit of WoW and i played terribly. After that, I pretty much slacked around at home. I went to Cathleen's and this was by far the most fun that i've had all day, except when i was talking to my baby on Skype. I went to Cathleen's house to get my haircut for tomorrow's dinner with Nikki, my girlfriend =D. But, anyways, yeah, i went to their house but seriously, their stories about basketball are just hilarious. Pretty much, the complete opposite of my mood when i'm here at home with just my mom. She's constantly yelling at me, blaming me for every bad thing that happens in the house, i'm really tired of it. I mean, yeah, she may work hard for me, but damn, cut me some slack please. Maybe it's just that time of the month, but still, it really pisses me off sometimes. Anyways, me and my mom went to the mall and she did some last minute shopping. I, of course, had to carry all the bags and some other package. So, in my left hand i was holding 7 plastic bags and under my arm i had the package. In my right hand was my cell phone. Very balanced, i know, thank you. Anyways, after all of that shopping, we went home. After reading my girlfriend's very interesting blog post today, i've decided to write my own. Before i rant, i'll do a quick talk about Google Earth.

So, Google Earth is a program that you can use to pretty much see anywhere in the world, it uses various satellites to do this. So, some scientists were using Google Earth and they discovered "an unknown green patch that turned out to be an unexplored forest home to brand new undiscovered species." The scientist, Julian Bayliss stated that there were "7,000 hectares of forest, rich in biodiversity." He also mentions that this forest was probably left unexplored because of it's "miserable terrain and constant civil war." They discovered 3 new species of butterflies, "a new Gaboon viper that can kill a human in a single bite, along with all kinds of other wildlife." Very interesting, but i wonder how they found out how this viper could kill a human in a single bite. Hopefully no one actually died in the process of this research. With Google Earth, you can pretty much see anywhere, anytime. Apparently, Google Earth does have it's downfall. The terrorists in the Mumbai bombing actually used Google Earth to plan out their acts. But, thanks to Google Earth, the streets can always be monitored. We might even be able to see inside your homes soon... oh wait, that maybe kind of stalker-ish... oh well.

Oh, Christmas is coming up. Only about 2 more days and Santa will be dropping down your chimney. Well, i hope everyone has their joy and what not. But, i do know that for our family, Christmas is dying. Whatever happened to the many presents under the tree? Well, my family has actually split up. Our family used to be in 3 houses, now we've separated into 7 (i think). My family doesn't spend Christmas all under one household anymore, and it sucks. This is not a good sign, because now there are really no gifts under the tree anymore and it's kind of sad. Fine, you know what? It's not about the gifts (Although, it seems that everyone in my family is going to be getting gift cards... yay). But, y'know what, my Christmas is really going to suck because the family spirit is gone. Let's forget about the gifts, whatever happened to the get-together's? Family parties? The hugs, smiles and laughs? All gone. Yeah, none of that this year. I remember the good days, when i was younger, we'd plan out who's house we'd sleep at for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Our whole family at one house, about 70 people under one roof. I took those days for granted because those were the days when Christmas was actually worth waiting for all year. Now, this year, it's going to be me, my mom, aunt, uncle and my 2 cousins, Cathleen and Aldric. Don't get me wrong, i'm definitely going to have fun, watching 'The Dark Knight' in 1080p Blu-ray, but wouldn't it better if the whole family was there, all of us cuddling together? I really miss those days and as i was in the mall with my mom, i was reflecting on it. It made me sad. Maybe, my Christmas won't suck as much as i think. I'm taking my girlfriend out for dinner tomorrow =D. For Christmas Eve, i'm headed to my cousin's place, as stated above. And for Christmas Day / Night, i'm going to be going to the Natividad's household. This Christmas won't generally 'suck' it just won't be the same as previous years. Don't get me wrong, i love my family and i love my girlfriend's family. But, i just wish that i could have my old family get-togethers back. I know that my girlfriend's family will really make this Christmas memorable for me and it'll make me feel as if i'm a part of a big family again because I miss those days. I really, really do.

Google Earth (and picture): http://gizmodo.com/5115800/google-earth-leads-scientists-to-undiscovered-forest-brand-new-species
Christmas Tree picture: http://www.thestayathomemother.com/taxonomy/term/63

nikki joanne said...
December 23, 2008 at 12:29 AM  

awwwww babe =( well your part of my family. and the family of me, you + ashlee. i love you <3

nikki joanne said...
December 23, 2008 at 12:30 AM  


Anonymous said...
December 23, 2008 at 12:32 AM  

i can totally relate to you...
christmas isn't the same without my mother,
and well, my family's been well, "fighting" i guess, and i don't think i'll be seeing much of them either.
just count your blessings hun.
you know i love you, and well, nikki does too.
we're your family.
and we will always be there.
i love you.

Unknown said...
December 23, 2008 at 12:32 AM  

Hehe, yeah, maybe we can like have a 3-WAY party (almost wrote 3-some). ROFL.

Unknown said...
December 23, 2008 at 12:35 AM  

Hehe, yeah, i didn't mention my family's fight because i just remembered it after, but yeah.
It really sucks, for both of us and probably for many other families too
I love you both =)
Very much, i might add

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