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Nokia Jumps Off Their "Burning Platform" and They Find the Windows Phone 7 Island

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The title and picture above says it all. Nokia's CEO, Stephen Elop, and Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmer, announced that their companies are going to become partners in the smartphone war. Yes, Nokia is ditching Symbian - and also MeeGo for the most part - in favour for Windows Phone 7. It seems like a weird deal but it was really their only option. Android is way too competitive for them and they'd also need to work on a custom UI which could be tough for them. Going with WP7, all they have to do is make the hardware and slap the OS on there.

We don't know when Nokia phones running this OS will be available but you should still expect some Symbian and MeeGo devices later this year - only a few of them. 2012 will be their big push in the Windows Phone 7 war. 2011 and 2012 will be "transitional years" for Nokia as they try to get themselves back on track. The company is also going to be working on Microsoft and MeeGo tablets, which should be interesting.

Update: The Inquirer has mentioned that Microsoft is going to be updating their OS in March of this year. This should be quite a large update.



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