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Google Announces the Chrome OS Notebook (Cr-48), Good Luck Getting Your Hands On One Though

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So, at Google's event today they announced a bunch of things. Chrome (the browser) improvements in speed and functionality, the Chrome Web Store (which is available in the USA right now with a global roll-out in 2011), and Chrome OS which is all about the web. The first Chrome OS notebook (they don't call it a netbook) is being dubbed the Cr-48 and it's part of a Pilot Program for now. Some businesses will be using it, like American Airlines and Google themselves. The Cr-48 has no design features at all; it's all black and features no logo. If you really want to get one then you can audition for one here or your business can apply for the Pilot Program here.

As you can see in the photo above, the Chrome OS notebook features a 12.1-inch display, a full-sized keyboard, a large touchpad, global 3G support, WiFi 802.11n support, an integrated webcam, and a battery life that will last 8 hours of active use and 8 days of standy time. This notebook has an SSD inside and does not feature a spinning disc or any function keys. This notebook will be running on Verizon's network in the USA and you'll have 100MB of free data every month for two years. If you want more then there are a number of plans available starting for as little as $9.99 monthly.

Acer and Samsung Chrome OS notebooks will be available in mid 2011 as you can see in the picture below. If you want to know more then the interwebs are flooding with new information and you can also check out Engadget's live blog at the link below.



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