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CDMA WP7 Handsets Hitting Verizon This Holiday Season -- Okay, Maybe Just In 2011

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It looks like Verizon will actually be offering some Windows Phone 7 handsets before the end of the year, which is great news for everyone! CDMA WP7 handsets should be hitting the carrier in time for the holiday season so if you know someone who loves the US then you might be able to give it to someone as a present! If this is true, you'll likely see the HTC Trophy in the next few weeks.

Update: So much for that tweet! It has been deleted and is now pictured below (tweet is here). It says, "Verizon is a valued partner and we look forward to seeing Windows Phone 7 devices in their stores in 2011." Maybe someone was quick to pull the trigger on the WP7 launch. Looks like you really might have to wait.



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