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RIM Could Be Announcing Their Tablet Next Week, Says the WSJ -- Holding DevCon Event Next Week

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WSJ has just mentioned that RIM's tablet could be announced soon. When? As soon as next week if you believe what they're saying. The tablet we're talking about here is running on an OS made by QNX along with WiFi support and tethering. Furthermore, future RIM smartphones may actually be running the QNX-made OS in the future - maybe starting with OS 7.0. The name of the tablet is unknown right now but it could be the BlackPad or maybe even SurfBook which would just be weird. Then again, the "iPad" name was always being made fun of, but the jokes quickly stopped.

Inside you'll find some CPU by Marvell and Quanta is said to be manufacturing the tablet itself. So, let's see if this big announcement could actually be happening next week.

Update: CrackBerry has just found out that RIM will be holding an event called DevCon from September 27th to 30th which is next week. At this event we could very well see the new OS, the tablet, and maybe even the Storm 3.



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