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Europe's Windows Phone 7 Launch On October 21st (October 11 Event); US On November 8th?

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Over the weekend, there's been a bunch of rumours going around regarding Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 launch. Unlike Apple, the rumours state that Microsoft may be focusing on a European launch before the US. Apparently, the launch for the WP7 in Europe will be on October 21st. It's unconfirmed right now but we'll know for sure sooner or later.

Update: Engadget has just mentioned that they've been invited to a Microsoft UK event. This will take place in London at 2PM on October 11th and will last until 5:30PM (3.5 hours). This is definitely sounding like it'll be the Windows Phone 7 launch!

There's not much details regarding the US launch date for the first few WP7 handsets but it could be on November 8th. That's all the rumours state so we'll have to wait for confirmation on this as well.

Europe Windows Phone 7 Launch To Be October 21st: Engadget
US Windows Phone 7 Launch To Be November 8th: The Next Web


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