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Samsung Unveils 490 and 680 Series 3DTVs, Order One Now For Less Than $1,000

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Samsung has just let loose a few more plasma 3DTVs in South Korea, the 680 Series and the 490 Series. The 680 Series (PN50C680G5F) and the 490 Series (PN50C490B3D) both sport 50-inch displays and will convert 2D content into 3D content for you. The higher-end model is the 680 which sports 1080p Full HD resolution along with DLNA support. The lower-end model is the 490 which will be the cheaper of the two (possibly under $1,000 when it hits the US), but you'll be stuck with 720p.

In South Korea, the 680 Series will be available for 2,150,000 won ($1,772 USD), while the 490 Series will cost you 1,900,000 ($1,565 USD).

Update: The MSRP for the 50-inch 490 Series 3DTV is actually $1,099, but ABC Warehouse has it a bit cheaper. How does $989 sound for a 3DTV? If you're interested, check it out!

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