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Vietnamese Site Buys a Next-Gen iPhone Prototype, Tear It Down To Reveal A4 Chip and 16GB of Storage -- With Video!

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Somewhere in Vietnam has managed to snag themselves the next-generation iPhone - similar to Gizmodo - and they reportedly paid around $4,000 for it. Whatever legal issues they might have to deal with is all up to them but they did us a favour. There's a video of it below but you don't need to watch it right now. This model appears to be a newer prototype than the one that Gizmodo got seeing how the two screws at the bottom of the iPhone seem to be missing which, thankfully, gives it a cleaner look. This iPhone is a 16GB model and it's looking pretty official.

Update: According to Engadget, the site actually tore down the iPhone and it revealed two important things. The first thing is that there's a black "N90" text on the white sticker which is exactly what the rumoured internal codename for the next iPhone is! The other piece of great - and expected news - is that the teardown also revealed that the chip inside of the next iPhone is Apple's own A4 chip, which is similar to the chip in the iPad.

[Engadget, Mashable]


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