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Samsung Announces Two New "Magic" ToC Monitors, Hitting Korea Soon

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Samsung has just announced two more monitors that will be rocking their ToC (Touch of Color) design. The one on the left is the 23-inch 50 Series model while the one on the right is the 19-inch 30 Series. Neither of them have been dated right now, but the larger model should be available for 399,000 Won ($325 USD) in Korea. Both of these displays share a similar spec sheet, they both have an LED-backlit display, a Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) resolution, a Cinema Mode, and a bunch of other eco-friendly settings.

Samsung claims that these displays also have Magic Lux, Magic ECO (adjusts the monitor's brightness), Magic Return, Magic Angle (to increase the viewing angles), MagicBright, MagicWizard, and MagicTune - whatever all of these are.

[Akihabara News, Samsung Hub]


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