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RIM's 8.9-Inch BlackBerry Tablet Hitting the Market This Year, Focusing On Multimedia

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Up to this point we've heard rumours that RIM is working on some sort of BlackBerry tablet and more information seems to have trickled out today. Boy Genius has apparently "confirmed" that this tablet of theirs will sport an 8.9-inch display along with Bluetooth / WiFi support. It's said to be a companion device with your regular BlackBerry but I don't see how this will work out for RIM. They're looking to launch this tablet late this year and it'll focus on multimedia - things like e-books, e-mailing, web browsing, and photo viewing. I don't know what RIM is thinking right now because I don't think this will work out so well for them - even with their new OS 6.0 coming out.

[Boy Genius, Gizmodo]


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