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Intel Core i5-580M 2.66GHz Launching This Fall, Turbo Boost Bringing It To 3.33GHz

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Intel is looking to launch at least another Arrandale mobile CPU in Fall of this year. This will include the Core i5-580M which will replace the i5-540M and will step up the 2.53GHz clock speed to 2.66GHz. It's going to consume 35W of power and will keep the Turbo Boost technology to bring the clock speed all the way up to 3.33GHz (up from 3.06GHz). The integrated graphics will be increased to 766MHz as well - up from 500MHz. This is pretty similar to the Core i7-620M CPU, except the (L3) cache of the Core i5-580M will be using 3MB instead of 4MB which is what you'll find in the i7-620M. This is funny because Apple just refreshed their MacBook Pro line-up and this Core i7-620M model is the fastest one you can get.

Electronista mentions that this could be implying that the Core i7-620M could be getting upgraded in the near future as well.

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