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Asus Debuts Three Tablets: the 8-Inch Eee Tablet, 12-Inch Eee Pad 121, and 10-Inch EP101TC

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At Computex, they're definitely not short on tablets from all manufacturers and Asus has just made a few of theirs official. The first one is being named the Asus Eee Tablet. This "digital notebook" packs an 8-inch touchscreen display with a 1,024 x 768 resolution, a 2,450 dpi input sensitivity, and sports an LCD monochrome display with 64-levels of grey. It's not an e-ink display, so you'll actually only be able to squeeze out 10 hours of battery life. Of course, it has essentials like a microSD card slot and a 2MP camera. Asus is calling this is "world's most accurate and sensitive note taking devices available" so maybe it'll work for students. This tablet is expected to launch in September in the price range of anywhere between $199 and $299. Check out a preview of this Eee Tabet here, courtesy of Engadget.

The other two tablets that Asus announced may be more desirable to you. First up is the Eee Pad EP121 which sports a 12-inch touchscreen display, an Intel Core 2 Duo ULV CPU, an integrated webcam, a few USB ports, a 10-hour battery life, and Windows 7. Being a laptop without a keyboard, Asus also has a hybrid dock / keyboard for you (here, courtesy of Engadget again). The other tablet they introduced is the EP101TC. This one is a 10-inch model that runs on Windows Embedded Compact 7. The specs for this one isn't clear right now, but I'm sure we'll find them out soon. Both of these tablets aren't expected until Q1 2011, which is a major let down. They'll be priced at $399 to $499 whenever they get released. Check out Engadget here for a preview of the Eee Pad EP101TC and the EP121.

Asus Eee Tablet: Engadget, Slash Gear
Asus Debuts the Eee Pad: Engadget, Slash Gear
Note: Both Slash Gear links are the same.


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