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Apple Confirmed To Be Working On the Next Apple TV; iPhone 4 OS, A4 CPU, and Cloud-Based Storage -- Just $99

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Google TV was announced last week and Apple has just announced the new Apple TV. The next iteration of Apple TV will have the iPhone 4 OS along with Apple's own A4 CPU, 1080p HD video capabilities, and there'll be just 16GB of internal storage. The reason for this is because Apple is going to relying on cloud-based storage and it's all about streaming your videos. We don't know if there'll be access to the App Store right now, but there'll likely be support for it. Apparently, Apple will not be showing this off at the upcoming WWDC since that's all focused on the iPhone which is a let down. Back on track, the device itself is said to be like an iPhone without a screen, so it's quite small and will only have a power socket and a the video output. The best part about all of this news is that it'll be priced at just $99 - I wonder if Google TV can beat that price.



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