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Microsoft Courier and the Windows 7 Based HP Slate Cancelled

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It was a a sad day for tablets yesterday and I wasn't able to blog about it until today. According to Gizmodo's sources the Microsoft Courier, which a bunch of people were waiting for, has been cancelled. This is really sad news considering that this could have been classified as the iPad killer for some people out there - although I doubt that the Courier would've sold as many units as the iPad. Oh well, maybe it'll come to life one day but don't count on it.

Apparently, the other tablet that was cancelled is the HP Slate. Of course, if you think about it this is actually good news since the initial reviews for the Slate weren't so good. This tablet was scheduled to run Windows 7, but that's no longer the case. Of course, HP bought Palm (for $1.2 billion) two days ago so let's think about this. HP could be prepping a tablet running on WebOS which would be much better than a tablet running on Windows 7, but let's hope that they can get some developers on board so that their app store gets a couple thousand more apps. Oh well, at least there's still the HP Android tablet to look out for.

Update: According to a newer Slash Gear post, HP could still be planning to launch the Slate with Windows 7 so don't rule out the possibility of this hitting the market. A source from HP said that it's "very, very improbable if not even an impossible piece of news" regarding the fact that the Slate running Windows 7 is cancelled.

Microsoft Courier Cancelled: Crunch Gear, Gizmodo
HP Slate Cancelled: Slash Gear


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