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Magenta and Purple Zune HD's Now Available With Free Zune Pass; Still Hasn't Launched Outside the US

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If you're interested in Microsoft's Zune HD PMP, but are uninterested by the lack of colours then this is news for you. On December 1st, Microsoft will offer a new magenta and purple colour to their Zune HD line-up. We don't know if both (16GB and 32GB) models will be available in both colours, but we should know soon.

Update on December 2nd: According to Ars Technica, I forgot to update this post yesterday - when the new colours were available - but it's better late than never. So, the purple (left) and (magenta) colours are now available for the Zune HD. Alongside the new colours they have also bundled one free month of their Zune Pass with every new Zune HD that you purchase. The prices are the same, so that's $219 for the 16GB model and $289 for the 32GB model.

This PMP from Microsoft still hasn't launched outside of the USA yet, so we're still waiting up here in Canada.



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