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6-Core Intel Xeon Core i9 "Gulftown" CPU To Find a Home In the Next Mac Pro, Expected In Early 2010

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In case you haven't heard yet, the new iMacs are extremely fast, especially with the Intel Core i7 CPUs. Right now, there is almost no advantage in getting the Mac Pro over the iMac (read this article for more information). A new rumour has cooked up though and it has to do with the Mac Pro. Apparently, the next Mac Pro - expected in early 2010 - will feature dual Intel Xeon Core i9 "Gulftown" CPUs, which will be around 50% faster than the current quad-core Xeon processors. This six-core XPU will reportedly also use 10% less energy than the previous models. It's all speculation right now, but it seems believable at this point.



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