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Un-Jailbreakable iPhone 3GS' Get Jailbroken -- Surprise, Surprise!

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Two days ago we heard that Apple was starting to ship "un-jailbreakable" iPhone 3GS' and, well, they've just been jailbroken, but it is a bit harder. In a couple of weeks though, we should see the iPhone 3GS properly jailbroken and the whole world will be in peace again.

It turns out the new boot ROM doesn't totally prevent the 24kpwn exploit employed by the Dev Team hackers, but instead just kind of interferes with it. The result? You can still jailbreakyour late-model 3GS, but the device needs to be tethered to your computer in order to boot up. It's a major annoyance, especially given how crash-happy 3.1 phones—especially jailbroken ones—can be, but not necessarily a dealbreaker.


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