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Sony Ericsson Officially Gets Launched, Has PS3 Remote Support

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The Sony Ericsson Aino has been officially launched and it's the phone that has PS3 remote support - whatever that is. Well, now we know. The specs include: a 3-inch touchscreen display, an 8.1MP camera, a microSDHC card slot, GPS support, and WiFi. Take a look at the oh-so-awesome PS3 features of this handset below... apart from being a phone itself, of course.

Stuff it lets you do:
  • Turn a PS3 on and off
  • Browse and control the XMB user interface
  • Access the internet and any DRM free media content saved on the hard drive
  • Sign in to the PS3 network and message friends
  • Shop for items in the PS3 store
  • Watch and record live television using PlayTV


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