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Next Nintendo Wii To Feature Blu-Ray Drive, Launching in 2010; Netflix Coming To Current Wii

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Today we've just heard the latest rumour about the upcoming Nintendo Wii 2 / WiiHD. The rumour states that the next-gen Wii will feature a primary Blu-ray drive with, of course, 720p / 1080p output. It's expected to launch worldwide on the exact same day sometime in 2010. Yes, the current Wii is fairly last-gen (graphics-wise), but it's still the leading console of this gen (between the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3). If a new Wii comes out next year I'd be surprised because it still seems to be selling pretty hot, even though Nintendo is reporting a slight decline in sales.

Oh yeah, we're also hearing that Netflix support will be coming to the original Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Wii 2 Rumours: Crunch Gear
Netflix Coming To Nintendo Wii: Lifehacker


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