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eBay Sells 65% of Skype Stake For $1.9 Billion -- Not the Worst Transaction of the Decade After All

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Later today, eBay plans to officially announce that they are selling Skype. I won't jump into speculations about who's buying it since it'll be made official later today anyway. In the meantime, this Pocket-Lint quote says it all.

EBay is considering selling off Skype, its $3.1billion VoIP acquisition from 2005 and a deal that the New York Times has called "one of the worst technology transactions of the decade".

Update: According to Beta News and ZDNet Blogs, the deal was actually much better than it was originally thought. eBay sold 65% of their Skype stake to an investor group for $1.9 billion. eBay was paid in cash and they still own 35% of Skype.

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