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Bell, Telus, WIND Mobile, SaskTel, and DAVE Launches Updated

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The GSMA website has been updating their dates for a while now. The exciting launches on this list is definitely what Bell, Telus, and WIND Mobile have to offer. Could Telus really be serving up the iPhoneBlackBerry Bold 9700 (Onyx), HTC HeroLG BL40, and the Nokia E71? Could Bell really be launching the BlackBerry Bold 9000 / Bold 9700, the iPhone, and the Nokia N97? All of these handsets could give Rogers a run for its money. Just take a look at everything below.
Bell Mobility Inc.: Planned September 2009
Data & Audio-Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc. (DAVE): Planned January 2010
Globalive Wireless LP (WIND Mobile): Planned November 2009
Sasktel Mobility-Cellular/PCS: Planned December 2009
TELUS Communications: Planned October 2009

Bell Mobility:
BlackBerry Bold 9700, Blackberry Bold 9000, 
Apple iPhone, Nokia N97, Nokia 2730, Nokia 6350, LG Xenon, Samsung T746, Novatel HSPA Turbo Stick.
DAVE Wirleless (Name will change at launch):
Back in June we reported that Dave will offer BlackBerry devices and also handsets running Google’s Android platform”.In addition, on June 4th they announced “DAVE Wireless customers will be able to roam on T-Mobile USA’s growing 3G network and on T-Mobile USA’s GSM network throughout the United States. T-Mobile USA customers will be able to roam on DAVE Wireless’ UMTS network”
TELUS Mobility:
Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC Hero, LG BL40, LG GB 255, Nokia E71
Globalive (WIND Mobile):
WIND Mobile recently announced 
on their site that “We will not have the iPhone at launch”, but did reveal through another post that “We will allow unlocked handsets onto our network… we are in discussions to source smart-phones from a number of vendors (including Android); and we are talking to both “brandname” manufacturers as well as some new manufacturers.”


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