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Apple Cuts 32GB iPod Touch To $279.99 and Undercuts the Zune HD; "Other Touch-Screen Zune Players" On the Way?

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Just for safe measure, Apple has quickly dropped the price of their 3rd-Generation 32GB iPod Touch to $279.99 USD - check it on Amazon here. They likely did this because of Microsoft's Zune HD PMP, which costs $289.97 on Amazon. Surprisingly enough, they also cut $10 off their 8GB model, so now it's just $189.99 on Amazon and the 64GB 3rd-Generation iPod Touch is still $399 on Amazon. Apple is definitely taking a safe measure here, even though they'll still win the PMP war either way.

According to the Zune HD's own manuals and documentation, you'll be able to use a composite A/V cable that is included (HDMI is also included) in the box for those "other touch-screen Zune players." The thing is that their are no other touch-screen Zune players, so this could be a sign of the future. Engadget points out that it could have been a mistake on their part, but really, the touchscreen is the future.

Apple Cuts 32GB iPod Touch Price: 9 to 5 Mac
Other Touchscreen Zune Players: Engadget


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