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O2 Losing iPhone Exclusivity on October 9th; O2 and Orange Gain Subscribers While Vodafone and T-Mobile Lose Them

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In an article that somewhat confused me on Pocket-Lint, I read that O2 will be losing its iPhone exclusivity on October 9th. They will still be able to sell the iPhone until 2012, but other carriers will be doing so as well - after October 9th. Other carriers that will launch the iPhone in the UK are Orange and T-Mobile. But, apparently, the iPhone 3GS will still be exclusive to O2, so the other carriers will have to launch the older iPhone 3G instead.

In related news, Vodafone and T-Mobile continue to lose subscribers while O2 and Orange keep on gaining them. Vodafone and T-Mobile lost 159,000 and 87,000 subscribers, respectively; O2 and Orange, on the other hand, gained 252,000 and 3,000 subscribers, respectively.

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