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Blizzcon 2009 Sparks New Battle.Net and Starcraft II Details

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By now, you know that StarCraft II is delayed until Q1 2010 and Blizzard will be launching Battle.net 2.0. The new Battle.net will feature "Real ID" which will prevent spam accounts and will "ensure better matchmaking." This means no more facing noobs to increase your record online - it's a sad day for those people. Starcraft II will have a feature called "Marketplace", but it won't be available at launch. When it does launch, players will be able to give away their maps for free or sell their maps for a small price. If you want to see a gallery of new Starcraft II photos, check out the links below.

Pardo believes that the new matchmaking system is more powerful than Microsoft's TrueSkill and when paired with Real ID, it should help players of all skill levels get into games that they have a chance to win. On this point, the ladder system has been improved to take player skill into account. After a player completes around 10 games, they will be placed into a skill tier. Within each skill tier, the player is matched up with 99 other players in 100 player divisions. The focus of the season is on competing with these 99 other players with tournaments taking place at the end of each season between division leaders.

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