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Because You Wanted to Know -- My Laptop Died

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As you may or may not know, I had a laptop from MDG. MDG is a computer manufacturer in Canada and they're pretty much an infamous brand up here. I've read a few of their reviews and they're pretty mixed - most of them are bad though. And no, I didn't get to choose my laptop, I got it as a present. I was happy though, since it was my first laptop. I was definitely excited. Thankfully, I had minimal problems with my laptop and it somehow lasted as long as it did. Unfortunately, I sensed its death was near with a ton of BSODs and keyboard problems over the past couple of months.

Around three weeks ago, my laptop started to flicker really badly and I had a BSOD right after. I figured it was a regular BSOD and that everything would be okay as long as I restarted it. That's where I was wrong. My laptop wouldn't start up anymore and the flickering continued, so I decided to reformat. After I uninstalled Windows XP - yes it was that old - I figured everything would be okay. And I was wrong again. So, I asked my uncle if he could fix it, since he usually does my computer dirty work. Thankfully, he told me that I just needed to buy a new HDD, so I was definitely relieved. So last week, I got myself a cheap laptop HDD and gave it to him.

And this brings us to today. He just gave me a call and told me that the HDD worked fine, but the problem was actually the motherboard. So, it looks like my laptop has died. I don't think there's really a point in getting a new motherboard, so I might as well just get a new laptop altogether.

Thankfully, that's a good thing because I've wanted a new laptop for a while. But, me and my mom don't have all the money in the world and with University coming up, it really sucks that I have to get a new laptop now. Anyways, I'm back on the laptop market, on my way to not get a Mac. I still don't know what to get though, but this time I actually have a choice.

Picture Source: MDG Computers Blogspot


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