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Palm Pre Now Available in the Philippines!! -- Actually Not

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That's right filipinos! The Palm Pre is now available in the Philippines for as low as 29,000 pesos ($600 USD) if you pay by cash. If you wish to purchase the Pre with your card, you're going to have to fork over a little bit more - 30,200 pesos - according to the seller, which is Gadget Grocery. The full specs of the Palm Pre are covered on Gadget Grocery here, so just go and check it out now!

Update of July 27th: According to the latest Electronic Pulp post, the Palm Pre is actually not available in the Philippines. It was recently pulled off of Gadget Grocery's website and actually may not see a release in the Philippines for a while. Sorry about the confusion, but hopefully it'll pop up again for all of you filipinos out there.

[Electronic Pulp]


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