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First Shots of the Google Chrome OS Leaked Out? Nope, Fake

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Keep in mind that these shots could be incredibly fake, so don't be too surprised if they are. According to the source, a Google rep showed this private beta build - of the Google Chrome OS - to an anonymous Acer parts supplier. The shot was snapped when the Google rep was distracted. That's what the story says at least. The highlights are below, courtesy of Engadget.

  • The "elegant" install on the Acer Extensa 4620Z laptop took about 10 minutes and 1 restart

  • Reboots desktop-to-desktop in about 25 seconds

  • It was "amazingly fast" in its stripped-down beta form

  • The blue orb on the auto-hiding "Chrome Bar" along the bottom of the UI is essentially the start menu

  • Navigating the file system can be done in "exploration" (like Windows explorer) or "browser" (search based) modes

  • The Chrome Bar can also host a search bar if configured

  • Future Chrome OS netbooks will feature an iconified Chrome key on the keyboard similar to the Windows flag key

  • It's still a long wait for the Google Chrome OS - second half of 2010 - so don't be surprised if a lot changes by then.

    Update on July 10th: These screenshots have been confirmed to be fake, according to Gizmodo. The artist confessed to mocking these up.



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