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Logitech Releases Seven Webcams, Some HD-Capable

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Logitech has just released seven new webcams. The Webcam Pro 9000 has: 720p capable video recording, a 2MP sensor, a Carl Zeiss lens, and "automatic light compensation". This webcam is available for $129.99 USD; the C905 has the same features, but it's built for notebooks and is now on sale for $129.99 USD as well. The C600 has: a 2MP HD sensor, and RightLight 2 technology. This is going for $99.99 USD. The Logitech C500 has: a 1.3MP sensor and RightLight technology and is on sale for $69.99 USD. The C300 also has a 1.3MP sensor, but it's not available on Logitech's official website yet. The C250 has a VGA sensor and is priced at $49.99 USD. Last and least is the C200 that also has a VGA sensor, but loses all of the features that some of the other webcams have. It's now available for $39.99 USD.

Damn Logitech, you didn't have to release seven webcams in one day!



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