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Android-Based Sony Ericsson "Rachael" XPERIA's UI on Video

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Remember the very, very sexy Sony Ericsson XPERIA "Rachael"? To be honest, how could you? In my opinion, this is Sony Ericsson's best looking handset ever and the specs -so far - aren't disappointing. Today though, we're getting a glimpse of the Android UI that Sony Ericsson has tweaked to look more presentable. More on that in the video below.

"Rachael" is still not a confirmed handset, but the rumoured specs are starting to roll out slowly. We know about the possible Snapdragon 1GHz CPU inside, but it could also have around a 4-inch touchscreen display - so this could mean 3.8-inches or something like that. It's also rumoured to be available later on this year. I still have the same question as before, is this the XPERIA X5?

Update: More news about this handset has been pushed out, thanks to GSM Arena. According to them, the resolution of this video is 852 x 480 pixels, which means that this could be what we're seeing on the "Rachael" handset. This would mean a 16:9 aspect ratio, which would make it "highest resolution screen we have seen so far on a mobile phone." Congratulation, Sony Ericsson! They also mentioned that since this video is available, it is already in development [and confirmed unofficially] and that's not a bad guess. They also mention some more specs of the "Rachael", including: a Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon 1GHz CPU, a 4-inch touchscreen display, an 8.1MP camera, WiFi, GPS, 3G with HSDPA support, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and miniUSB connectivity. All I have to say is - damn!

Don't forget the video below!

[Slash Gear]


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