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LG Unveils 2 Internet-Connected "Full LED" HDTVs With 240Hz Technology

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LG has just unveiled 2 new 55-inch "Full LED" HDTV with 240Hz technology - to get rid of that blur. The LG 55LH95 and 55LH93 have a contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1, thanks to 3,360 individual LEDs. These LED HDTVs are also Internet-connected and they still manage to be just 24.88mm thick, as you can see in the image above of its side profile. The 55LH95 and the 55LH93 will be retailing for $5,900 USD and $5,500 USD, respectively, and they will both be available in July.

In related news, LG also plans to release 42 and 47-inch "Full LED" HDTVs by the end of this year, but they won't manage to be as thin as this 55-inch monster. Below is what LG had to say.

LG Electronics Announces the Official Start of the Ultra-Slim Full LED LCD TV Era
Seoul (Korea Newswire) June 25, 2009 02:00 PM — LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, today unveiled two new ultra-slim “full LED” LCD TVs in Seoul. The new 55-inch screens –- models 55LH95 and 55LH93 respectively –- lead the market in terms of picture quality, design and convenience.
“These products were designed specifically to target the high-end segment and offer unmatched quality and design,” said LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company President and CEO, Simon Kang. “These new models will change the LED LCD TV market landscape and we expect these devices to reinforce the premium image of LCD TVs in general,” said LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company President and CEO, Simon Kang.
LG’s ambitious new product line offers a brighter and clearer screen than competing products thanks to backlighting that employs a total of 3,360 LEDs –- seven times more than existing edge-lit LED TVs. LG’s full LED LCD models also features a 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio through enhanced dimming technology that divides the screen into 240 blocks. And with a refresh rate of 240 Hz, these TVs maintain a vibrant, smooth image even during fast-paced action scenes.
LG’s newest ultra-slim full LED LCD TVs employ patented technology that helps keep the overall chassis thickness down to just 24.8mm. This proprietary technology allows the LEDs to be spread-out horizontally and minimizes the distance between the LEDs and the screen. Another innovation offered for the first time in the new LED LCD TV is the enhanced wireless feature which eliminates the need for image compression. Content can be sent from DVD players, game consoles or home-theater units wirelessly without any degradation.
LG’s ultra-slim full LED LCD TV is priced at around KRW 7 million (approximately US$ 5,500) for the 55LH93 and around KRW 7.6 million (approximately US$ 5,900) for the 55LH95 model which will be launched in July 2009.
LG plans to aggressively expand the LED LCD TV business and is aiming for three to four million unit sales next year. Three different models of full LED LCD TVs will be offered to suit different market segments. The ultra-slim model will be positioned as the premium product with additional products in this category being announced later this year. The company will unveil less expensive 42-inch and 47-inch full LED LCD TVs by the end of the year without the ultra-slim feature.
LG is forecasting that the global LED LCD TV market will grow to 30 million units by next year and to 68 million by 2011, up from 3.1 million this year. LG is aiming to become the world’s second biggest seller of LCD TVs and predicts that the proportion of LCD TVs that feature LED technology will also grow from 2.6 percent this year to 20 percent next year and to 40 percent by 2011.

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