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Fujitsu F-09A Is a 3.4-Inch Touchscreen Phone With an 8.1MP Camera

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This is definitely impressive, especially from Fujitsu. Their latest handset, the F-09A has a superb spec sheet. For starters, the F-09A has a 3.4-inch "sliding and rotating" touchcscreen display, an 8.1MP AF camera with smile-detection, and is 3G capable. If that wasn't enough, this handset is "the first phone to include an integrated exercise monitor, tracking physical activity and working with the handset's GPS and compass to track progress and offer mapping." Unsurprisingly, this handset will also have integrated TV, Bluetooth, and a web browser. The rotating display also suggests that there could be an accelerometer as well.

This handset is amazing - I just wished it had a QWERTY keyboard - and will be available in Japan on June 10th, courtesy of NTT DoCoMo.

[Slash Gear]


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