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Sony Ericsson Rep "Confirms" The XPERIA X2 and X5

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That's what Tech Radar thinks at least. A tweet from a Sony Ericsson rep said that, "Naturally, after the X1 comes X2, X3, X4, and X5. What else is new?" So, that leads us to believe that those other handsets are in the making. Apparently though, the X3 and X4 XPERIA's will be skipped "due to negative connotations they would bring in some regions" which I'm unsure about.

Last year Tech Radar got their hands on a leaked shot of the XPERIA X5 (pictured) and the specs were more than decent. A 3.2-inch touchscreen display, 8MP camera, 8GB of internal storage, 3.5G connectivity, and WiFi. I don't know what the XPERIA X2 will be like, but I'm sure the X5 will be much more interesting. The X2 is said to be released in a couple of months and the X5 will follow afterwards. Hopefully these rumours are true.

[Tech Radar]


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