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Pentax K-7 DSLR Priced at $1,300

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Switched has just wrote a quite lengthy post about the new Pentax K-7 DSLR. They point out that it's actually a really good camera for the price. It's retailing for only $1,300 USD. The K-7 weighs in at just 27 ounces and also has a new image stabilization system, which will correct the image even if you rotate the camera clockwise.

The K-7 also features HDR (High-Dynamic Range). "In the HDR mode, you take three photos at different exposure settings-optimized for the darkest, lightest and mid-range parts of the scene-and the camera combines the three images into a single photo that shows more detail in the light and dark parts."

Like I've mentioned before the Pentax K-7 records video in 720p HD format and also records audio using a built-in mic or "an external unit plugged into a jack."

For the prices on the different lenses check out the link below.



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