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Microsoft Dropping 3 App Limit From Windows 7 Starter Edition; Outline of Windows 7's Max Netbook Specs

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If you remember back in February, Microsoft outlined the 6 different versions of Windows 7. Windows 7 Starter Edition was said to only be capable of running 3 separate applications at once, which is kind of sad. According to the latest news though, Microsoft could drop the 3 app limit from Windows 7 Starter Edition, which is definitely a good thing. This will probably only affect those "emerging markets".

Microsoft has just outlined the maximum specs on "small notebooks" aka netbooks running Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic. They're actually pretty bad, but it shouldn't affect most people because Microsoft has said that most OEMs will ignore the max specs to ship Windows 7 Home Premium instead. Take a look at the specs in the chart above.

[Engadget (3 App Limit)Engadget (Netbook Specs)]


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