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Hitachi Mobile Hi-Vision Cam Wooo Records 720p HD Video

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I don't know who chose this "Wooo" name for Hitachi, but they seem to be launching a whole slew of products (like those 11 HDTVs) in this Wooo-Series. Today, I will talk about the cellphone that you above. Doesn't look like a phone does it? That's because Hitachi's Mobile Hi-Vision Cam Wooo's main feature is to record 720p video (1,280 x 720 resolution). This handset also has a 5MP camera, an HDMI interface, and a microSD slot to record all of your HD videos on. This phone is actually expected to launch this coming Monday on KDDI, so we'll look out for it then. No price has been revealed, but it probably will not be hitting us North Americans.



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