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Street Fighter IV Chapionship Mode On April 24

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For all of you Street Fighter IV players, you're lucky - because I'm craving to get that game. Anyways, Championship Mode will be available via a patch on April 24 for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. "Championship Mode brings a number of new features for online players, including the introduction of five levels of tournaments. Participating (and winning) in these tournaments will earn gamers 'Grade Points.' earn more Grade Points and you'll be granted the opportunity to enter even more exclusive tournaments." If you win a tournament you will earn Championship Points, which is basically Street Fighter IV prize money.

Another feature that will be added is a replay function. On PSN you will be available to rate matches and on Xbox Live you can download the replays but you can't rate them. So you can pick your poison or maybe you already have since you may already have the console and the game.

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